Insurance and Financing

Insurance and Financing

Getting the proper dental care is important for both individuals and families, but paying for all the necessary treatments and exams can be extremely stressful and frustrating. That’s why at Renew Dental, we are here to help our customers by offering insurance and financing options. Because we know how important proper dental care is, and we want to give our patients every opportunity to get the care they need.

Insurances Accepted

To make things a bit easier, Renew Dental accepts the following dental insurances in Calgary:

  • Alberta
  • Benefits Trust
  • Blue Cross
  • Canada Life
  • Claim Secure
  • Co-operators
  • Davis Dental
  • Empire Life
  • Equitable Life
  • Funds Administrative Service,
  • Green Shield
  • GroupSource
  • GMS (Group Medical Service)
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Insurance
  • Johnston Group
  • Manion Wilkins
  • Manulife
  • NextGen
  • Pacific Blue Cross,
  • SSQ Financial Group
  • Sun Life

Other Payment Methods Accepted

We also offer other payment methods for our customers without insurance. These payment methods include:

Our kind and caring staff at Renew Dental know that even routine dental care, like cleanings and checkups, is important and that getting them paid for is not always easy. When it comes to the dental care you deserve, it’s always great to have options so that you can pay attention to your oral health and not find the means to pay for it.

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