Tooth Extraction in Calgary

No one ever wants to have a tooth extracted, they can be painful, and they leave you with missing teeth. Unfortunately, even if we try our best to practice good oral hygiene habits, sometimes Calgary tooth extractions are necessary to protect and preserve the rest of our teeth. When you search for a dentist near you, you want to be sure that they can handle whatever dental services you need, including dental extraction in Calgary.


That’s where Renew Dental comes in. We provide a full range of dental services in your area, including both routine and emergency tooth extraction in Calgary of all types. Before you go with another dentist, trust your oral health to us.

Types of Tooth Extractions

Extracting a tooth can range from a straightforward process to a more intricate procedure, influenced by factors including your overall oral health, the tooth’s location and state, and additional conditions related to the tooth.

Because of this, there are essentially two types of tooth extractions that our dentist can perform.

There are mainly two types of tooth extraction procedures. The first is a basic or straightforward extraction, where the tooth is removed using dental forceps or another instrument. This method is typically quick and involves minimal discomfort if there are no complications.

On the other hand, a tooth that is badly damaged, has exposed roots, requires the removal of multiple teeth, or is accompanied by health issues like swelling, impaction, or bleeding may necessitate a more complicated or surgical extraction.

For a simple extraction, the dentist can often use a mild anesthetic to minimize discomfort, making the process relatively painless. This approach is commonly applied to the removal of baby teeth.

As the complexity of the extraction increases, so does the necessity for more extensive procedures to ensure the tooth is properly removed. In cases requiring surgical extraction, it may be essential to make incisions in the gum or remove the tooth’s root to address infection and safeguard the health of surrounding teeth and overall oral wellbeing.

In either case, it is important to find a dentist you can trust, like here at Renew Dental, to put your mind at ease and make the Calgary tooth removal procedure as comfortable as possible.

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