Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Calgary

Having a tooth that is in bad shape usually results in the loss of that tooth and a painful root canal to remove the roots left behind. What if there was a way to preserve the tooth and the root to prevent a painful extraction and root canal? There is!

The answer is root canal therapy, a dental treatment that is designed to save a decayed and damaged tooth and protect it from further damage. If you're looking for a dentist near you that offers root canal therapy, then look no further than Renew Dental!

Root Canal Therapy

What is the Process of Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Therapy is a method to save the tooth and avoid extraction. It’s usually done when the nerve inside your tooth dies because of decay or injury. Nerves are important for your teeth because they help with chewing, biting, and other functions in your mouth. Root canal therapy removes infected material from inside the root canal system of a tooth to prevent infection from spreading into your jawbone and causing an abscess.

The process starts by numbing you either with local anesthesia or injection. Dr. Keith Lawson will then use tools like files, drills, elevators (to remove soft tissue), probes (to check for depth), and fillers (to make sure the filling is even) to reach down into the canals that go through the roots to the tip of your tooth. Once they find and clean out any infection, Dr. Keith Lawson will fill the canals with a sealant material like gutta-percha or an antibiotic paste to make sure bacteria don’t come back in.

When is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Root canal therapy is usually done when you have pain or swelling near one of your teeth, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, or if you notice pus coming from inside the tooth’s opening when brushing. Sometimes, root canal treatment near you is also necessary for certain teeth that are too difficult to restore through other methods, such as dental crowns.

While root canal therapy may seem scary at first glance because it involves surgery on a healthy part of your body – it’s actually safer than removing all infected parts.

Not only can you save a tooth, but you can also prevent infection and possible severe complications this way. If you have a tooth that needs saving, contact Renew Dental today to see if root canal therapy is an option for you.

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