Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling & Root Planing in Calgary

Scaling and root planing, often regarded as a foundational treatment for combating gum disease, serves as a deep cleaning process aimed at removing plaque and tartar buildup beneath the gum line. At Renew Dental in SW Calgary, Dr. Keith Lawson and his team offer this meticulous procedure to patients experiencing signs of gum disease, providing a proactive approach to oral health maintenance. This deep cleaning method is not just about aesthetics; it's a crucial intervention for preventing the progression of gum disease and safeguarding your oral health and overall well-being.

Scaling & Root Planing

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease begins as gingivitis, marked by red, swollen gums that may bleed easily and can advance to periodontitis, where the gums and bone that support the teeth become seriously damaged. The progression of gum disease can lead to tooth loss and has been connected to other health issues, underscoring the critical nature of early and effective treatment. Scaling and root planing in SW Calgary at Renew Dental is designed to halt the disease’s progression, meticulously cleaning the pockets of bacteria that threaten oral health.

Scaling & Root Planing Procedure

The procedure involves two main steps: scaling, where plaque and tartar are carefully removed from below the gumline, and root planing, which smoothes the tooth roots to help the gums reconnect to the teeth. Dr. Keith Lawson utilizes his extensive experience and gentle techniques to ensure the procedure is as comfortable and effective as possible. Patients can trust in the thoroughness of care, as the goal is to treat and educate on maintaining gum health post-procedure.

Benefits of Scaling & Root Planing

One of the primary benefits of scaling and root planing is the significant reduction in inflammation and bleeding of the gums, which, when left unchecked, can lead to more severe health complications. Additionally, this deep cleaning process can arrest the progression of gum disease, preventing tooth loss and contributing to overall health. Patients who undergo scaling and root planing at Renew Dental often report a marked improvement in their oral health, with many experiencing a reduction in discomfort and an improvement in their gums’ appearance and health.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Patients at Renew Dental are met with a supportive and informative environment. Dr. Lawson and his team prioritize patient comfort and will discuss anesthesia options to ensure a pain-free experience. The procedure’s length depends on the gum disease’s severity, but patients can trust the expertise of their provider. Following the procedure, Dr. Lawson provides comprehensive aftercare instructions to support recovery and promote lasting oral health.

Why Choose Our Practice for Scaling & Root Planing

Choosing Renew Dental for scaling and root planing in SW Calgary means selecting a practice committed to your oral health. Dr. Lawson is dedicated to offering personalized care, focusing on effective treatments that address immediate concerns and long-term oral health goals. The practice’s approach is grounded in patient education, ensuring that each individual understands their treatment and how to maintain their oral health post-procedure.

Scheduling Your Consultation

Scheduling your consultation at Renew Dental is the first step towards addressing gum disease and improving oral health. Dr. Keith Lawson and his team are ready to assess your needs, discuss the benefits of scaling and root planing, and provide the care you deserve. Contact us today to begin your journey to a healthier smile and a more confident you.

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