Teeth-In-An-Hour™ in Calgary

Teeth-In-An-Hour™ is a cutting-edge dental procedure that provides patients with fully functional teeth on dental implants in approximately one hour. Developed by Nobel Biocare, this method leverages the combined expertise of restorative doctors and periodontists, ensuring not only enhanced safety but also meticulous implant placement. The uniqueness of this procedure lies in its preparation; the final prosthesis is crafted before the surgery, allowing for a seamless and expedited process. The computer-guided surgery is performed arthroscopically, eliminating the need for flap reflection, which traditionally leads to more discomfort and longer recovery times.


Benefits of Teeth-In-An-Hour™

Choosing Teeth-In-An-Hour™ at Renew Dental means experiencing minimal postoperative discomfort, swelling, and bruising. This patient-friendly approach significantly reduces recovery time, often enabling individuals to resume their daily activities by the following day. The precision of computer-guided implant placement also translates to shorter chair times, making dental visits more convenient and less time-consuming for patients.

The Teeth-In-An-Hour™ Procedure Explained

The journey begins with a CAT scan of your jawbone, providing a detailed three-dimensional model. This model is then utilized alongside virtual reality software to meticulously plan the implant placement in the absence of the patient. This preparatory step ensures the implants are positioned with optimal accuracy, enhancing the overall success and longevity of the dental implants. Dr. Keith Lawson’s expertise, combined with this advanced planning, allows for a more efficient procedure, significantly reducing the amount of time you spend in the dental chair.

Technology Behind Teeth-In-An-Hour™

The technology that makes Teeth-In-An-Hour™ near you possible represents a leap forward in dental implantology. By integrating CAT scans with virtual reality software, Renew Dental offers a level of precision in implant placement previously unattainable. This approach not only streamlines the surgical process but also significantly improves the outcome for the patient, ensuring that each implant is placed in the ideal location for both function and aesthetics.

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If you’re seeking a rapid, efficient solution for dental implants and are interested in the Teeth-In-An-Hour™ procedure, Dr. Keith Lawson and the team at Renew Dental are here to guide you through every step of the process. Our commitment to leveraging the latest in dental technology allows us to offer solutions that minimize discomfort and recovery time while maximizing the effectiveness and durability of your dental implants. Located conveniently in SW, Calgary, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about how Teeth-In-An-Hour™ can transform your dental health and restore your smile in just one appointment. Discover the difference at Renew Dental, where innovative care meets compassionate expertise.

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