Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Calgary

The last set of teeth to emerge in the human mouth is known as wisdom teeth or third molars, usually appearing in the late teenage years or early adulthood. While some individuals may never experience issues with their wisdom teeth, others may find that these teeth can cause many dental problems, including overcrowding, misalignment, pain, and infection. This is where the expertise at Renew Dental comes into play, providing insight and solutions for those in need.

Wisdom Teeth

Why Should You Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The removal of wisdom teeth is often suggested to avoid potential oral health issues before they arise. Complications such as impaction, where the teeth do not fully emerge through the gums, can lead to discomfort and further dental concerns. Additionally, wisdom teeth can be challenging to clean and may contribute to decay or gum disease. At Renew Dental, Dr. Keith Lawson evaluates each case with precision to determine the best course of action for maintaining your mouth’s overall health and well-being.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

The wisdom teeth extraction process at Renew Dental is designed with patient comfort and care in mind. Dr. Keith Lawson utilizes meticulous techniques to ensure the procedure is smooth and painless. Initially, a detailed examination, including X-rays, is conducted to determine the location and condition of your wisdom teeth. Based on this assessment, a personalized treatment plan is developed. The extraction procedure itself is performed under appropriate anesthesia to minimize discomfort. After the extraction, our team provides thorough aftercare instructions and support to facilitate a swift recovery.

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If you’re experiencing discomfort or have concerns about your wisdom teeth, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Renew Dental in SW Calgary, we’re dedicated to providing our patients with a supportive and informative experience. Whether you’re seeking wisdom teeth removal in Calgary, SW, or looking for a comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Keith Lawson and our dedicated team are here to assist you every step of the way. To learn more about Calgary wisdom teeth extraction services or to schedule an appointment, contact Renew Dental today.

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